Port Macquarie Steiner School
Port Macquarie Steiner School
Port Macquarie Steiner School

Our Core Values

  • Education which nurtures the head, the heart and the hands
  • Social relationships as a means for connection, inclusion, trust and meaningful learning
  • Art, creativity, and imagination as an integral part of the learning process to cultivate self-motivated free thinkers who are equipped to meet the challenges of the future
  • Valuing whole-life-learning and actively supporting learning for parents, families and our community as well as for the children
  • Inclusiveness as opposed to exclusiveness
  • Valuing community and the importance of skills and human contribution before economic value
  • Education should be accessible to all, regardless of social, cultural or economic background
  • Supporting the long-term study and experience of the natural environment in order to deeply connect to ourselves, one another, and the world as a whole
  • Recognising that the actions and thoughts of each individual impact the health of our community, and then our planet
  • Festivals to celebrate the change of seasons, the natural rhythms of the earth and the community, and to experience reverence and gratitude for the natural cycles of life
  • Rhythm as a vital connection to learning, teaching, and healthy life


Our beginnings stemmed from playgroup gatherings in early 2016 where parents of like-mind began discussions of a Steiner school for their young children.

The company, Port Macquarie Steiner Limited – a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee – was registered at the beginning of 2017. In February of that year a very successful fundraising lunch and auction at Long Point Winery raised enough funds to pay legal, building, and council fees for the approval of the DA to use the hall at 8 Table Street in Port Macquarie for our initial school site.

A significant donation from the estate of the late Enid Cryer was gifted in May, which provided the resources needed for the upgrades on the premises at 8 Table Street to proceed.

Registration for Stage 1 was received from NESA in August and the enrolment process began. Our first foundation kindergarten teacher was found in October, and works began at the school site.


Port Macquarie Steiner School is located in the heart of Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW. We are surrounded by waterways and the natural beauty of beaches, rivers, mountains and national parks. Port Macquarie has a delightful climate year-round for the enjoyment of many different outdoor activities.

The school is currently located in rented premises at 8 Table Street, in central Port Macquarie with nearby access to Kooloonbung Creek Reserve.

We are seeking acreage for a permanent location to grow our school in the Port Macquarie-Hastings area.

For more on Port Macquarie and the region go to the Port Macquarie information website.

Our Mission

To create a community-centred, Steiner education-based school for the Port Macquarie region, which fosters an holistic education for our children and a valuable, ethical, nurturing resource for our community.

School Structure and Governance

As a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, the board is entirely volunteer, and all profits are delivered back into the organisation. Board meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the school year. An AGM is held annually.

The board of directors carries ultimate legal and financial responsibility for the school. Educational and student welfare decisions devolve mainly onto the head teacher. There are also committees developed by the board of directors to assist with the management and functioning of the school. The task of governance involves the board of directors, committees, and the head teacher working together cooperatively.

The educational decisions relating to the school, the wellbeing of the students and the curriculum, are the responsibility of the head teacher, and all significant changes to school policies, procedures or curriculum must be agreed to by the board of directors.