Cultural Alliance

We have a strong connection to our environment and the land in our region, and a great respect for the indigenous people whose history in this place means that their knowledge and allegiance with the land is of utmost importance. We, as a community understand the importance of maintaining a strong and supportive relationship with the Birpai people, and envision that this relationship will mean richer, more diverse and more relevant education for the children.

Our organisation encourages the coming together of all nationalities, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, and celebrates our differences and our commonalities in an effort to promote a harmonious, peaceful and welcoming community. Our school will teach foreign language, as well as the local indigenous language, integrated with cultural awareness, creating and sharing our diverse society.

Family Involvement

As a community organisation, the input from members of the school and broader local community is imperative to ensure our direction meets the needs of the school community. Parents are encouraged to become involved at the level most appropriate for them; as class parents, by becoming a committee member, or a member of the company, or to join the board if interested.

Working Bees and Fundraisers

The Port Macquarie Steiner community organises regular working bees to maintain and further develop the school buildings and grounds. As part of our commitment to providing a safe environment to our School community, it is imperative that the school be kept in a clean and safe condition, compliant with all work health and safety legislation and requirements.

A variety of fundraising events are planned throughout the year to raise essential funds for special projects, classroom equipment, school excursions, and a host of other important things.

We invite you to take part in these activities as and when you are able. Your help is greatly appreciated. Participating in working bees and school fundraisers provides a good way of meeting and getting to know other school families, models to the children a healthy involvement in their school and community, and will give you a good feeling that you have contributed towards making your children’s school a better and more loved place for their learning and growing.

Other members of the community, not just parents of our students, are also invited to come along and contribute to working bees and school fundraising events.

If you would like to get involved, please email or check our Facebook page for upcoming events.

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